OP115T  Anti-MDM2 (Ab-2) Mouse mAb (2A10)

Anti-Ubiquitin Protein Ligase, Anti-p53 Binding Protein

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21 April 2014

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Recognizes the ~96kDa (apparent MW) MDM2 protein in A549 cells.
OP115 Anti-MDM2 (Ab-2) Mouse mAb (2A10)
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OP115 Anti-MDM2 (Ab-2) Mouse mAb (2A10)
Product information
Host Mouse
Isotype IgG2a
Immunogen human MDM2 protein
Epitope within amino acids 294-339
Clone 2A10
Form Liquid
Formulation In 0.05 M sodium phosphate buffer, 50% glycerol.
Species reactivity human
Preservative None
Immunoblotting (Western Blotting)
Paraffin Sections
Avoid freeze/thaw Yes
Positive control A549 cells or most tissues
Store and ship information
Storage -20°C
Ship Dry Ice Only
Standard Handling

Detection of human MDM2 by immunoblotting. Sample: Whole cell lysate from A549 cells. Primary antibody: Anti-MDM2 (Ab-2) Mouse mAb (2A10) (Cat. No. OP115T) (2 µg/ml). Detection: chemiluminescence.

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