BugBuster® Protein Extraction Reagent

BugBuster® Protein Extraction Reagent is formulated to gently disrupt the cell wall of E. coli and liberate soluble proteins. It provides a simple, rapid, low-cost alternative to mechanical methods such as French press or sonication for releasing expressed target protein in preparation for purification or other applications. The reagent is available in a variety of configurations.

Common Features:

  • Simple, rapid, low-cost alternative to mechanical methods (i.e., French Press and sonication)
  • Capable of cell wall perforation without denaturing soluble protein
  • Fully compatible with the affinity supports such as Novagen's GST•Bind™, His•Bind®, and S•Tag™ Resins, and other chromatography matrices
  • Compatible with Benzonase® Nuclease for viscosity reduction
  • Extraction enhanced by addition of small amount of lysozyme
  • Compatible with Protease Inhibitor Cocktails
  • Useful for the preparation of high purity inclusion bodies in instances where expressed proteins are insoluble
  • Reagent is available in a variety of configuration

Product Formats & Advantages
BugBuster Reagent, BugBuster Plus Benzonase Nuclease, BugBuster Purification Kits
Standard reagent is supplied as a Tris-buffered "1X" ready-to-use liquid
Stable at room temperature
Available with Benzonase Nuclease in a separate vial
BugBuster Purification Kits contain BugBuster, Benzonase Nuclease, buffers and resins for purification of His•Tag® or GST•Tag™ fusion proteins

BugBuster HT Protein Extraction Reagent
Suited for high throughput protein purification
Combines BugBuster Extraction Reagent and Benzonase Nuclease in one convenient reagent
Eliminates common bioprocessing problems associated with traditional cell lysis procedures
Soluble proteins are gently extracted without exposure to heat or oxidative damage
Extraction and viscosity reduction occur in a single step

BugBuster 10X Protein Extraction Reagent
A concentrated unbuffered formulation of the proprietary detergents employed in BugBuster
Concentrate provides a flexible alternative to the ready-to-use (1X) formulation
Offers all of the bioprocessing benefits of standard BugBuster plus greater control
Control pH, concentration, and buffer additives for maximum extraction and target protein activity

BugBuster (primary amine-free) Protein Extraction Reagent
Designed for applications such as protein immobilization or conjugation
Formulated with PIPPS buffer
Will not complex metal ions – ideally suited for extraction of metal dependent proteins


Product Cat. No.
BugBuster® 10X Protein Extraction Reagent 70921
BugBuster® GST•Bind™ Purification Kit 70794
BugBuster® His•Bind® Purification Kit 70793
BugBuster® HT Protein Extraction Reagent 70922
BugBuster® plus Benzonase® Nuclease 70750
BugBuster® (primary amine-free) Extraction Reagent 70923
BugBuster® Protein Extraction Reagent 70584
BugBuster® Ni-NTA His•Bind® Purification Kit 70751

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