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Research Labs to Production Facilities

Omnipur® offers sizes which satisfy needs of lab bench scale and when you are ready to scale up your research and move to production, we offer the same products in catalog sizes which easily allow for seamless transition. Our portfolio carries in stock as little as 100 g and as much as 50 kg packaging configurations


DNase, RNase, Protease Tested

Omnipur® products are tested for Dnase, Rnase and Protease traces to give you the comfort of using it in applications sensitive to its presence. Since DNA is a starting point in number of experiments, the need for getting a product free of nucleases is extremely critical. Many other tests are also performed and recorded in the COA.


Complete portfolio of Molecular Biology Reagents for wide range of Biological Applications

Omnipur® represents highest quality lab essentials used daily in your research as well as maintaining your lab area. The portfolio consists of products such as antibodies, buffers, detergents, salts, solvents, molecular markers and many more


Produkte in dieser Kategorie
Artikelnummer Produkte
PW0002 Chloride Phosphate Mixture - Calbiochem 
4074 D(+)-Glucose, Monohydrate - CAS 14431-43-7 - Calbiochem 
HX0514 Hyaluronidase - CAS 37326-33-3 - Calbiochem 
MX0100 Maleic Acid - CAS 110-16-7 - Calbiochem 
MX0160 Maltose, Monohydrate, Powder - CAS 6363-53-7 - Calbiochem 
NX0403 Ninhydrin - CAS 485-47-2 - Calbiochem 
8910-OP OmniPur® 100X TE Buffer Solution Liquid Concentrate pH 8.0 - Calbiochem 
6350-OP OmniPur® 10X MOPS, Concentrate Solution - Calbiochem 
6505-OP OmniPur® 10X PBS Liquid Concentrate - Calbiochem 
6506-OP OmniPur® 10X PBS Liquid Concentrate, Sterile - Calbiochem 
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