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iPhone & iPad App: Interactive Periodic Table

Explore the periodic table – right on your iPhone

Merck’s interactive PSE tool is now available as iPhone app

Your Advantages
  • Useful information – wherever you need it
    In class, at home or even on the beach
  • Everything you need to know about the chemical elements
    From classification to properties to their history of discovery 
  • Simple, concise and intuitive
    Well-arranged groups and periods, detailed pages for every element
  • Interactive handling
    Intelligent controls and numerous selection options
  • Multi-lingual
    Available in English, German, French, and Spanish

 Interactive Periodic System of the Elements iPhone app

Interactive Periodic System of the Elements (PSE) for your iPhone

Merck’s interactive “Periodic System of the Elements for iPhone” app puts a wealth of information on the chemical elements right into your pocket, presented in a sleek, elegant and user-friendly interface. Find just the fact you need in a matter of seconds – and let yourself be surprised how much more there is to know: from relative atomic mass, density or appearance to melting and boiling points to electron configuration.

Explore the periodic table of the elements

Where does the name “lithium” come from? Who discovered selenium? What is the half-life of darmstadtium-281? What was the first artificially produced element? (Technetium!) With our new PSE for iPhone app, you can explore the world of the chemical elements right from your iPhone – interactively and intuitively. This outstanding educational tool can be used by students and teachers from high-school through university, by chemistry professionals, or indeed by anyone who wants to learn more about the chemical elements. It is available with English, German, French, or Spanish interface (all in one app, depending on your iPhone’s language settings).

Award-winning PSE tool adapted for iPhone

The online version of Merck’s interactive PSE application has gained great popularity with users and e-learning experts alike for its innovative features and its ease of use. In order to bring you even more mobility and comfort, we now adapted this successful reference work to the iPhone platform (for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). As a matter of course, the PSE for iPhone app offers the same amount of information about the chemical elements as the web application. In addition to valuable facts on classification, element features or history of discovery, the tool provides stunning images, a comprehensive glossary, and links to thematically relevant Merck products.

Intuitive and interactive

The attractive design and easy-to-use interface of Merck’s PSE application renders complex contents intuitively comprehensible. The interactive tool features a well-structured and concise arrangement of groups and periods as well as detailed pages for every element. Users can also display various element subsets, e. g. all natural, artificial or radioactive elements. With its intelligent controls and numerous sorting and selection options, Merck’s PSE for iPhone app provides quick and comprehensive access to the information you need.

Merck’s “Periodic System of the Elements for iPhone” app is available free of charge on Apple’s iTunes download site or on the App Store.

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