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New packaging concept for cell culture media

Merck Millipore has developed a new packaging concept for its high-quality cell culture media. The new packaging combines a double PE wrapping with an innovative aluminum coating, eliminating the risk of moisture penetration. Recent study data confirm that this new solution effectively protects large-scale as well as pilot-scale amounts of cell culture media. As of now, Merck Millipore uses the aluminum-coated double PE as the standard packaging method for its cell culture media.

Your benefits

  • Moisture-proof
  • Air-tight
  • Light-fast
  • Proven protection for sensitive media

Air-tight, light-fast, and moisture-proof
In order to preserve the high quality of sensitive cell culture media, it is paramount to keep moisture out of the package. That’s why we took our standard packaging where the materials are tightly sealed in double PE bags and added a special aluminum coating to the outer shell. This added protection efficiently prevents the culture media from absorbing water from the surrounding air into the pack. The result is a Merck Millipore exclusive: a media packaging solution that’s impermeable to air, light, and moisture as well.

Proven protection for sensitive media
A recent study confirms that our new PE packaging indeed protects the quality of the goods inside effectively and reliably. For the packaging of dry powder media in large-scale bulk amounts of more than 5 kilogram, we examined our new double PE bag with aluminum coating. After a three-month storing period, we analyzed the packed materials and found that the aluminum-coated double PE bag showed excellent performance properties regarding free flowability of the powder as well as cellular performance.

Excellent performance
Moreover, we compared the new double PE bag with aluminum coating to the air-tight and light-fast PE bottles we use for pilot-scale amounts up to 10 liters (equivalent to 5 kilogram). Both packaging concepts achieved excellent data even at 37° C and 60 % relH (rel. humidity). We will therefore use both packaging concepts depending on the product quantities.

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