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Resins for biochromatography

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Merck Millipore supports biochromatographic steps with two efficient resins: Fractogel® and Eshmuno®. The performance of both resins is based upon tentacle technology, which facilitates the access and binding of the biomolecule to the resin’s functional groups. As Merck Millipore has easy access to new biological molecules, we can qualify and test our resins with real monoclonal antibodies instead of using model proteins.



Your benefits:
  • Outstanding binding capacity
  • Superior process reliability
  • Fractogel® media

    Well known and highly accepted in large-scale downstream processing, this reliable resin exhibits outstanding binding and impressive chemical stability. This is due to the high binding capacity of the biomolecules and the material’s long life. Fractogel® media support your process with reliable results and easy scalability.

    New: Eshmuno® resin

    What is notable about this smart resin is its superior process productivity and the tangible cost savings, specially designed for high-titer processes for mAbs. Eshmuno® resin contributes with active tentacle technology to the efficient capture and intermediate purification of monoclonal antibodies.


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