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Even uncertainty should be known with certainty. Thus we don’t just tell you that our products are accurate. We tell you exactly how accurate they are on every bottle of our pre-diluted standard solutions. ± 0.012 mg/l is the expanded measurement uncertainty of our Ammonium Standard Solution for photometric applications. This tiny number includes all manufacturing deviations, even those caused by pipettes and dilution factors, making evaluation and documentation more transparent than ever before. That’s precision you can count on.


Make sure everything runs smoothly with Spectroquant®

Spectroquant® is a comprehensive program for monitoring photometric systems with start-to-finish quality-assurance measures that help secure the accuracy and reproducibility of your results. This specialized Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) concept consists of established media for all Internal Quality Control (IQC) activities.


Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/umbrella_campaign/pharo100.jpgHigh quality AQA

  • • Photometers and bar-coded cell and reagent tests for error-free handling
    • Instrument supported AQA pre-programmed in Nova and Pharo instruments  
    • Pre-diluted standard solutions available in various exact concentrations including expanded measurement uncertainty
    • CombiCheck system monitors all influencing factors such as pipettes, samples and test kits
    • Extran® residue-free cleaning agent ensures the reliability of lab equipment


Three essential AQA steps – covered

Our instrument supported AQA combines 3 essential elements of quality control. Plus, all target values and tolerances are preprogrammed in the instruments, making AQA checks even easier.


AQA 1: Checking the photometer

Spectroquant® PhotoCheck offers a complete set of highly stable color solutions, and has been monitored using primary (NIST) standards to confirm that it can be traced back to international standards. This makes it ideal for checking photometers according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.
The consistent and correct functioning of your UV/VIS spectrophotometer can be evaluated using CertiPUR® standards. These solutions can be used to monitor the following parameters as per Ph. Eur.: absorption, stray light, and wavelength accuracy. Operations according to GLP, GMP, USP and DIN 9001 or EN 45001 demand these regular controls.


AQA 2: Checking the complete system

The multiparameter standard solutions contained in the various Spectroquant® CombiCheck packs are optimally suited for monitoring the overall system – from the individual test kit and the measurement instrument itself, all the way to your individual working procedures. These solutions can also be directly traced back to NIST primary standards. Each CombiCheck pack contains one standard solution and one addition solution. Also pre-diluted standard solutions are available in various exact concentrations including expanded measurement uncertainty.


AQA 3: Checking the influence of the sample

Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometers help you identify any measurement errors due to possible interferences within the sample. Standard addition or dilution can be used to detect measurement errors due to matrix effects. Any such interference can be analyzed on the basis of the recovery rates and rectified by taking appropriate countermeasures. What’s more, these photometers support you in ensuring GLP-compliant operations.


Spectroquant® PipeCheck

Pipettes are usually tested by weighing the volume of a liquid on a calibrated precision balance. However, such a balance is not always available. Spectroquant® PipeCheck includes check and references solutions that allow you to easily monitor the volume of pipettes and document the measurement results – without requiring a balance.

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