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Conventional microbiology

Sterility assurance


SteritestTM System

Efficient: a convenient, accurate and consistent quality testing method for the release of sterile products

Sterility culture media

Provide the highest level of purity and testing confidence. Formulated and tested to meet the requirements of the United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeias

Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM)

Safe: reducing risks, increasing quality, and full compliance with international standards.

Media Fill testing

Media Fill

Quality TSB for your aseptic process simulation

Bioburden testing


Milliflex® System

Fast: high-throughput filtration system for bioburden testing

Microfil® S

Pre-assembled and individually packaged to provide a fast and dependable alternative to conventional multi-step methods

MicropreSure Online Filtration System

This on-line filtration sampler improves microbiological testing of purified water at the point-of-use and reduces the sampling process to a few simple steps

Pyrogen testing

PyroDetect System

Revolutionary: animal-free testing of broad pyrogen profiles using the Monocyte-Activation Test (MAT)

Microbial Limit Test


Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM)

Safe: reducing risks, increasing quality, and full compliance with international standards

Ready-to-Use (RtU)

Fast: eliminating the time consuming production process
Reliable: consistent & high quality

Environmental monitoring

Air Particle Counters

APC Smart Touch
APC ErgoTouch Pro 2

Intuitive: Handheld system for easy operation through the touch screen interface. Many features normally only seen on portable instruments, including built in ISO and GMP report

Active and Passive Air Monitoring

RCS® High Flow Touch
ICR settle plates
MAS-100 ECO, MAS 100 CG
M air T air testing system

Comprehensive portfolio of easy-to-handle, high-precision air samplers for the effective monitoring of microorganisms in air and compressed gases

Personnel and Surface Monitoring


ICR plus contact plates

for monitoring of surfaces in isolators and critical clean rooms

ICR Swabs

a unique system for environmental monitoring of dry surfaces e.g. filling needles, in clean rooms and isolators

Rapid Microbiology

Bioburden testing


Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection System

Convenient: an easy-to-use, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for faster microbial detection

Milliflex® Rapid Microbiology Detection and Enumeration System

Fast: an automated system for rapid, accurate detection of microorganisms

Mycoplasma testing


MilliPROBE® Real-Time Detection System

Efficient: real-time TMA Technology for fast, sensitive, reliable culture-free mycoplasma detection

MilliPrep Sample Preparation Kit

An easy-to-use, high volume, closed sample preparation offering true sample representation for use with any nucleic acid based rapid detection method for Mycoplasma


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