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How do I use Search?

The search capability on this website is a “keyword” driven search similar to what you might use on Google. You will need to enter a minimum of two characters to be able to search. You can enter any combination of alphanumeric values that can help you find a product or other information. On either of our product sites you can also enter a few characters within the search box and wait for us to prompt you with suggestions that you can select from.

What can I search for?

The search box in the header of our website enables you to perform a universal search for web pages, documents, products, services and educational material. You can use keywords, CAS numbers and chemical formulas to search for these types of content.

What is a “Federated Search”?

Since we are working to combine our portfolio of products and services, any search that you perform will allow you to see results from all three of our key websites as if you had performed the search on each of them individually. We offer this convenience so that you do not have to repeat your search on each site. This ability to see the results from all three sites using a single search is called a “Federated Search”. You need to be aware of the three numbers displayed for a search, each of which identifies the set of results for your search keywords.

What other search options do you offer?

Beside the search box in the header of the page we provide access to specialized search capabilities via our Advanced Search Options. These Advanced search options can be more focused on finding specific documents such as an MSDS or CoA or could offer alternative mechanisms to search by such as by Application or Chemical structure.

How do I find specific documents?

You will find documents related to a specific product on the web page for the product. Alternatively, you can also try our Document Search capability to find a specific brochure, application, Regulatory Support Certificate, Instruction for Use, Technical Information or User Protocol.

How do I check whether my intended use of a Merck product is considered under REACH?

As a direct customer who is logged into our system, you can easily check online whether your intended use of a Merck product will be considered under REACH. If you feel a specific use is missing, you can easily provide us with the necessary information.

How do I search for products with a specific chemical structure?

Please use our Structure Search to locate products by drawing a chemical structure or structure fragment. This will provide you with search results that match the chemical structure that you drew.

How do I find a specific antibody?

Using our Antibodies Search advanced tool you can find a primary or secondary antibody. Additionally, you can also assays and kits related to the specific antibody you may be searching for.

Do you have application sheets that help me solve my specific analytical issue?

You can browse more than 3,200 applications in our Analytical Application Finder which will guide you to find the appropriate information for your analytical task.

How do I find information related to Lab Filtration?

Using our advanced search capabilities you can use the Lab Filtration tool to find technical information and data designed to help you make important decisions by selecting the application area or product type that matches your needs.

How do I find a suitable indicator for a specific pH value?

With our visual pH Indicator selector you will find the right indicators together with color information, transition intervals, and other useful data that will allow you to select the right one.

How do I visualize a specific Pathway?

Using our advanced Pathway Search tool you can visualize metabolic and signaling pathways by cellular process or disease area. You can also narrow down your search result set by entering a keyword.

How do I find a solution with a specific density, molarities and ingredient concentration?

Our Concentration Density Finder helps you to select a solution, adjust the values for concentration, density, or molarity, and get immediate and highly accurate results thanks to automatic interpolation.

How do I refine a large number of search results down to the most appropriate match?

On the search results page on our product sites you have various options to refine your search result. You can perform a search within the results of your previous search. You can select from the available filters on the left to narrow down the list of results to be more specific. You can also choose a specific category of results by clicking on the tabs across the page. You may also combine all of these options or when necessary remove filters at any time.

How do I compare products?

Select up to three products from the search results page to compare their parameters.

How do I forward my search results to a colleague?

Within the “Share” section click on the envelope icon to "Share this search". Your e-mail client opens with a new compose e-mail message stating the link your colleague can use to repeat the same search.

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