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Whether for testing drinking water, surface water, process water, municipal or industrial wastewater or beverages, or for performing disinfection control – benefit from over 170 different competent solutions! More than 130 Spectroquant® test kits and numerous applications offer you many advantages, like rapid and simple operation via the barcode system, selection between cell and reagent tests, and validated and standard-compliant analysis methods. The scope of parameters is finely tuned to the requirements of your everyday operations and is constantly being expanded. Stringent controls of our raw materials, effective in-process controls and documented final controls are a confirmation for the consistently high quality. Spectroquant® screw caps  for cell tests offer safer lab conditions, more accurate test results and easier handling. Rely on the measurement results – with Spectroquant® Tests!

Products in this category:
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101758 Acid Capacity Cell Test to pH 4.3 (total alkalinity)  Method: photometric 0.40 - 8.00 mmol/l 20 - 400 mg/l CaCO3 Spectroquant®
100594 Aluminium Cell Test  Method: photometric 0.02 - 0.50 mg/l Al Spectroquant®
114825 Aluminium Test  Method: photometric 0.020 - 1.20 mg/l Al Spectroquant®
114739 Ammonium Cell Test  method: photometric 0.010 - 2.000 mg/l NH4-N 0.01 - 2.58 mg/l NH4+ Spectroquant®
114558 Ammonium Cell Test  Method: photometric 0.20 - 8.00 mg/l NH4-N 0.26 - 10.30 mg/l NH4+ Spectroquant®
114544 Ammonium Cell Test  Method: photometric 0.5 - 16.0 mg/l NH4-N 0.6 - 20.6 mg/l NH4+ Spectroquant®
114559 Ammonium Cell Test  Method: photometric 4.0 - 80.0 mg/l NH4-N 5.2 - 103.0 mg/l NH4+ Spectroquant®
100683 Ammonium Test  Method: photometric 2.0 - 150 mg/l NH4-N 2.6 - 193 mg/l NH4+ Spectroquant®
114752 Ammonium Test  Method: photometric - N 0.013 - 3.86 mg/l NH4+SPECTROQUANT Spectroquant®
100675 AOX Cell Test  Method: photometric 0.05 - 2.50 mg/l Spectroquant®
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