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MAS-100® – Microbial Air Monitoring Systems

MAS-100® – Microbial Air Monitoring Systems

 Effective protection form hazardous airborne micro-organisms

Micro-organisms in the air are a potential risk for contaminating raw materials, products and processes. The consequences of using microbiologically contaminated materials can be severe. Therefore air quality is a crucial element in the safe production of pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

With the MAS-100® Microbial Air Monitoring Systems you can rest assured.

  • Precise, reproducible measurements with high user flexibility
  • Highest collection efficiency
  • Built-in airflow compensation and fully automatic calibration
  • Hardware and software validated for HACCP
  • Validation documents according to ISO 14698 part 1 and part 2
MAS-100 NT<sup>®</sup>
Discover the most complete and accurate line of microbial air monitoring systems available

MAS-100 NT® Ex

MAS-100 NT® and MAS -100 NT® Ex

Both the MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT® Ex serve to measure the microorganisms in clean rooms and sterile environments especially in the pharmaceutical companies and hygienically criteria areas. These compact yet sophisticated devices are the preferred choice for those demanding the highest quality in microbial air monitoring.

More information on MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT® Ex

MAS-100<sup>®</sup> Eco sampler

MAS-100® Eco

The MAS-100 Eco® microbial air sampler offers an economical alternative to our highly acclaimed MAS-100® microbial air sampler. This small, lightweight unit is ideal for applications in or out of the clean room and for air monitoring in food and beverage environment.

More information on MAS-100® Eco

MAS-100 CG Ex<sup>®</sup> system

MAS-100 CG Ex®

The MAS-100 CG Ex®  system is for use when there is a need to test compressed gasses for microbial contamination. Furthermore the MAS-100 CG Ex® system is the only compressed gas microbial air sampler approved for use in Zone 2 explosion hazard areas.

More information on MAS-100 CG Ex®

DA-100<sup>®</sup> NT

DA-100® NT Calibration System

The DA-100® NT is especially designed to calibrate all MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT® Ex air samplers. The DA-100® NT is a vane-bearing and highly precise anemometer with an automated calibration for all NT air samplers.

More information on DA-100® NT

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