Drug delivery compounds can improve the chemical stability and solubility of your biopharmaceuticals. Merck Millipore’s highly efficient eprova® drug delivery compounds in cGMP quality can greatly enhance the efficacy of an active ingredient.



Linkers and Activators
PEGylation of lipids, liposomes or biomolecules often affords the activation of a functional group, e.g. the presentation of thiol groups for the reaction with MalPEG.


Activated PEGs
The conjugation of PEGs or MPEGs with therapeutic proteins improves their in vivo circulating half-life and the aqueous solubility of the protein.


Chemical Synthesis
Lab-, Kilogram- and Pilot Scale. If  larger quantities of Drug Delivery Compounds are required,  a technology transfer can be arranged within the Merck group of companies or  to a manufacturer of your choice.




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