Novabiochem Innovations


Novabiochem Innovations provide highly detailed protocols, application examples, and tips and tricks on the use of a particular product or group of products.

No. 3/12: New IMAC-based chemoselective tag for affinity purification of long peptides
No. 2/12: New Sulfotyrosine derivative for Fmoc SPPS
No. 1/12: New high-load polar resins for SPPS
No. 4/11: New tools for native chemical ligation
No. 3/11: Use and applications of Dbz resins in native chemical ligations
No. 2/11: Step-wise Fmoc SPPS of ubiquitin probes
No. 1/11: Guide to the synthesis of phosphotyrosine related peptides by Fmoc SPPS
No. 3/10: Critical evaluation of in situ coupling reagents for SPPS
No. 2/10: Guide to the use of isoacyl dipeptides in Fmoc SPPS
No. 1/10: Total synthesis of the 101 residue d2 domain of VEGF receptor 1
No. 2/09: Non-explosive replacement for HOBt
No. 1/09: Synthesis of FBP28WW domains using pseudoproline and isoacyl dipeptides
No. 1/08: Overcoming aspartimide in Fmoc SPPS
No. 2/08: Synthesis of β-amyloid using an isoacyl dipeptide
No. 1/07: Synthesis of wild-type and phosphorylated phospholamban
No. 2/07: Synthesis of peptides containing methylated lysine residues
No. 3/07: Synthesis of the transmembrane region of bradykinin receptor
No. 4/07: Comparison of pseudoproline and isoacyl dipeptides in the synthesis of difficult peptides
No. 1/06: Synthesis of thymosin-α1 using pseudoproline dipeptides
No. 2/06: The role of HOBt in coupling reactions
No. 3/06: Synthesis of neurotoxic prion peptide (106 - 126)
No. 4/06: Smart peptide synthesis: Synthesis of PADRE-Muc chimeric peptide
No. 5/06: Synthesis of peptides containing methylated arginine residues
No. 6/06: Smart peptide synthesis: Synthesis of the Rantes
No. 1/05: New tools for the SPPS of FRET peptides
No. 2/05: SPPS of biotinylated peptides
No. 3/05: Synthesis of highly amyloidogenic human IAPP using pseudoproline dipeptides
No. 4/05: New tools for SPPS of labeled peptides
No. 5/05: Expediting convergent synthesis with pseudoproline dipeptides
No. 6/05: Solid phase synthesis of AMC-based enzyme substrates
No. 1/04: Guidelines for the use of Pseudoproline Dipeptides
No. 2/04: Microwave accelerated Suzuki couplings employing a polymer-supported palladium phosphine
No. 3/04: Synthesis design using Pseudoproline Dipeptides
No. 4/04: Exploring strategies for peptide synthesis
No. 5/04: Strategies for the synthesis of peptide aldehydes
No. 6/04: Epimerization-free fragment condensation with pseudoproline (oxazolidine) dipeptide
No. 1/03: New derivatives for overcoming aspartimide formation
No. 2/03: Synthesis of long peptides using pseudoproline dipeptides
No. 3/03: IBX Polystyrene
No. 4/03: Stability of polymer-supports to microwave heating

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