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Silica Gels and Reversed Phase Sorbents

Merck:/product/images/PharmaPrep_P_177.jpgPeace of mind – our unique ingredient

For process chromatography, the quality of sorbents is of tremendous importance, especially regarding batch-to-batch reproducibility and separation performance. From the early days of chromatography, Merck Millipore has been involved in the manufacture and application of silica gels and aluminium oxides for preparative chromatography. Based on this vast experience, we can offer you a complete product portfolio for your requirements.

Your benefits:
  • Rigorously controlled production from start to finish – the basis for confidence
  • Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility ensures long-term consistency for your product quality 
  • Outstanding regulatory support – assists you in fulfilling regulatory requirements
  • Unrivalled expertise – over a century of experience in providing quality solutions for your demands

Rigorously controlled production

With regulatory demands growing steadily in the field of chromatography sorbents, it makes sense to work with a supplier who values control and quality as highly as you do – and who can provide the regulatory support you need for peace of mind. Merck Millipore is the biggest dedicated producer of chromatography-grade silica gels in the world – thousands of process chromatographers use Merck Millipore silica gels in their daily work. They know that with the consistent high-quality of Merck Millipore sorbents, they can trust their results – today and tomorrow.

Inorganic sorbents tailored to fit your needs

We provide a wide range of products for the purification of APIs and intermediates designed to meet the special requirements of your process:

Merck Millipore aluminium oxides were the first chromatographic sorbents ever to be marketed. Available in a variety of pore diameters and pH-ranges, these multi-functional sorbents ensure excellent reproducibility and extend your window of operations, thanks to their adsorptive and ion exchange properties.

Silica Gel 60 is the right choice if you are looking for a reliable silica gel for simple adsorption processes and normal-phase chromatography.

If you need a silica gel for advanced normal-phase and reverse-phase chromatography, we recommend using LiChroprep® sorbent – highly versatile materials providing fast, effective and reproducible separation.

The Reversed Phase product portfolio has been extended by a new high-performance spherical silica PharmPrep® P sorbent, that fits perfectly into the polishing step of small peptides like insulin, and other biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical APIs like antibiotics and hormones.

Our comprehensive product portfolio is completed by our high-quality HIBAR® columns – delivered standardized, pre-packed and ready-to-use ex stock.

For more information, please contact us.

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