Clarification with Pellicon® tangential flow microfiltration

The Pellicon 2 product line was designed with process scale-up and applications development in mind. The series of devices includes the long established Durapore® hydrophilic PVDF microfiltration membrane, well known for its exceptional combination of high flux, low protein binding and high product recoveries.

  • Leading-edge void-free membranes to match virtually any separation challenge
  • Short flow path for higher flux and higher resolution separation capability
  • Choice of flow channel configuration providing process optimization capability
  • Predictable, fast, scale-up
  • True linear scalability from laboratory size modules to industrial assemblies for processing thousands of liters
  • Clarification – of protein solutions, polysaccharide solutions, virus suspensions/cultures, cell lysates and pre-column streams
  • Harvesting and Washing – of colloidal suspensions, bacterial cells or viral cultures

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