Pellicon® tangential flow ultrafiltration 
Pellicon® 2 cassettes set the standard in cassette-style tangential flow filtration devices. The Pellicon® product line was designed with process scale-up and applications development in mind.

Merck Millipore’s Biomax polyethersulfone and Ultracel® regenerated cellulose membranes have void-free structures that guard against leakage of solutes through microdefects normally associated with voids beneath the thin skins of conventional UF membranes. These void-free membranes are more permeable, resulting in high-flux with equivalent or superior product retention. These void-free membranes provide the advantages of fast, high yield processing and smaller systems.

  • Leading-edge void- free membranes to match virtually any separation challenge 
  • Short flow path for higher flux and higher resolution separation capability 
  • Choice of flow channel configuration providing process optimization capability 
  • Predictable, fast, scale-up 
  • True linear scalability from laboratory size modules to industrial assemblies for processing thousands of liters

  • Concentration, desalting or buffer exchange of: 
  • Protein solutions 
  • Polysaccharide solutions 
  • Virus suspensions 
  • Harvest, washing or clarification of: 
  • Cell cultures and lysates 
  • Colloidal suspensions 
  • Viral cultures

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