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ProSep®-vA High Capacity Chromatography Resin


Large-Scale Purification

For Monoclonal, Polyclonal and Engineered Antibodies

ProSep®-vA High Capacity media is widely used for the purification of monoclonal antibodies, both approved and in various phases of clinical trials. The larger pore size compared with ProSep®-vA Ultra media means that it can also be used for the purification of fusion proteins or conjugates, where the effective molecular weight is larger than 150 kDa. It was the first commercially available animal free protein A resin, designed for the large-scale purification of monoclonal, polyclonal and engineered antibodies.

Binding capacities in excess of 30 mg/mL are achievable for human monoclonal antibodies and in excess of 40 mg/mL for polyclonal. With dynamic capacity sustained at high flow rates irrespective of column dimensions, the need for a concentration or buffer exchange step prior to loading the affinity column is reduced.

The ProSep® family of resin matrix is optimized for large-scale production operations and offers significant advantages compared with other available matrices. ProSep®-vA High Capacity chromatography media consist of animal-free protein A immobilized on porous glass that is permeated by interconnecting pores of uniform and precisely controlled size. ProSep®-vA chromatography media exhibit chemical and mechanical stability over a range of conditions, including low pH, exposure to detergents, buffers of varying ionic strengths and many organic solvents.

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