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Prepacked MiniChrom Columns and RoboColumns®


Small-Scale Prepacked Columns

For Rapid Process Development, Method Optimization, Parameter Screening and Sample Preparation

Companies rely on fast, accurate high throughput screening to drive research forward. At Merck, we understand that time and flexibility is critical to your success. To support your research needs, we offer prepacked columns providing solutions with robust, consistent performance.

MiniChrom columns are designed for process development, method optimization and parameter screening as well as sample preparation. MiniChrom columns are quality checked for HETP and asymmetry, providing:

  • Superior reproducibility
  • Excellent scalability
  • Convenient comparison of different chromatography media

RoboColumns® are easy-to-use, miniaturized chromatography columns which can be individually arranged on the commonly used and standard 96 well microplate format according to application requirements. They are designed for high throughput process development, resin and condition screening and optimization, and sample preparation prior to subsequent analysis.

RoboColumns® support:

  • Real chromatography mode of operation
  • Manual method development
  • Full automated parallel chromatography

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High-throughput Process Development: Utilizing the full potential of miniature chromatography columns

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