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Genomic Analysis
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Meet the Challenges of Next-Generation Genomic Amplification and Gene Discovery!

Our KOD DNA Polymerases AND Transfection Reagents are 100% Guaranteed *

Today’s genomics research requires tools for accuracy, speed and yield from the lowest input samples. Merck’s KOD DNA Polymerases are fast proving to be the tools of choice for demanding PCR needs.

Whether developing synthetic biology constructs, amplifying challenging GC/TA rich gene targets or libraries for next generation sequencing as well as Plant or Animal PCR from crude samples, our KOD DNA polymerases will help expedite your discoveries.

*If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, with the performance of Merck KOD Polymerases or Transfection Reagents, contact a Technical Support Specialist for assistance or full credit against future purchases.

Choose the Appropriate Thermostable Polymerase for PCR Applications:

PCR Product Size (kB)
KOD DNA Polymerase <6 Cloning, cDNA amplification
KOD Hot Start DNA Polymerase <21 Cloning, cDNA amplification 
KOD XL DNA Polymerase <30 Crude samples, multiplex, incorporation of derivatized dNTPs
KOD Xtreme Hot Start DNA Polymerase <40 Crude samples, long targets, difficult and GC-rich targets 
  • KOD-XL DNA polymerase amplification results in a mixture of blunt and 3’-dA products while other KOD DNA polymerases generate blunt end products.
  • NovaTaq™ is also available for routine PCR.

Choose the appropriate Transfection reagents:

In addition, maximize your target discoveries in cell culture with our extensive portfolio of routine and specialized transfection reagents designed for low toxicity and higher transfection efficiencies in almost any cell line!

Transfection Reagent
Cell Lines and Applications
GeneJuice® Reagent The standard for transfection in most cell lines in serum-containing or serum-free media.
NovaCHOice® Kit Efficient, scalable protein expression in suspension CHO lines
293-Free™ Reagent Maximal output from HEK293 suspension cultures
NanoJuice® Kit Overcome the most difficult-to-transfect mammalian cells (e.g. primary cell lines)
Insect GeneJuice® Reagent Optimized for insect cells
RiboJuice™ Reagent Effective delivery of siRNA for targeted gene silencing in most cell lines
ProteoJuice™ Reagent Delivery of even the most complex proteins into most cells
100% Guaranteed
"Not convinced? See if your lab qualifies for a free sample of our KOD Polymerase or Transfection Reagents - they're 100% guaranteed!!"
More DNA in Less Time
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KOD Polymerases (blue) yield more DNA in fewer PCR cycles than other high fidelity polymerases (other colors). 

Great for GC-rich DNA
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Efficient amplification of a 6.98 kb GC-rich gene from human genomic DNA. This gene (53% GC-rich overall) contains extremely GC-rich blocks: 150 bp (84% GC) and 529 bp (76% GC).

Improve Next Gen Sequencing Bias
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KOD polymerase limits GC library bias during Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation as compared to other commercially available products. Preparation performed using Merck’s PureGenome™ High Efficiency NGS Library Reagents.