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Lateral Flow

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Lateral Flow

In immunochromatography, the antigen-antibody reaction is visualized by color when using Dyed Estapor® Microspheres. Generally, this application requires extremely uniform microspheres (dyed, fluorescent or magnetic) with different surfaces (plain, COOH, NH2, CH2Cl) and sizes (200-500 nm).

Most tests still use nitrocellulose as the membrane. This membrane allows capillary migration and detection of the capture area where anti-target analyte antibodies are immobilized in a line across the membrane for conjugate binding.

Figure 1: Lateral flow test
The sample line appears only if the Ag is detectable (red line in figure 1). The control line is positive for the test validity (blue line in figure 1) indicating the sample has migrated across the membrane as intended. Therefore, two visible lines on the membrane indicate a positive result and a single line in the control area is a negative result.
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