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Actively-Controlled Microfluidic Systems

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By combing microprocessor-controlled pressure pumps, miniature chemical sensors and programmable, easy to use software, it is now possible to combine the needed controls for extrinsic factors like temperature, humidity, nutrient, environmental factors, and gases with the science of biological microfluidics. The CellASIC® ONIX platform is an actively controlled microfluidic instrument that precisely controls the living cell fluids that are geometrically constrained by the microfluidic forces at play. This advancement allows researchers to observe and analyze the living cells and manipulate the cell’s microenvironment with complete control – and on their existing microscopic systems – thus ensuring an ideal solution for live cell analysis and biological science discovery quickly and inexpensively.

CellASIC® ONIX Live Cell Analysis Microfluidic Plates
The CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform provides unprecedented dynamic cell culture control using an automated perfusion system to provide an environment that more closely resembles in vivo-like conditions.

Learn more about how the CellASIC® microfluidic platform can allow you to take control of your cell culture system and design dynamic live cell experiments.

Take Control. Design Dynamic Experiments the CellASIC® Way.