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Syringe Filters by Sample Volume

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Merck takes pride in manufacturing the most reliable performance syringe filter devices. MM syringe filters are designed and manufactured to minimize column clogging and maximizing performance.

4 mm Millex® filters
4 mm Millex® filters
Sample volume: ≤ 1 mL
Features: Very low nonspecific binding and hold-up volume minimizes loss of small samples during filtration.

Millex®-LCR filters for HPLC
Millex-LCR filters for HPLC
Sample volume:  ≤100 mL
Features: Low extractable filters for both aqueous and organic solvents.
13 mm Millex® filters
13 mm Millex® filters
Sample volume: 1-10 mL
Features: Overmolded design for higher operating pressures and faster filtration
IC Millex® filters for ion chromatography
IC Millex® filters for ion chromatography
Sample volume: 1-10 mL
Features: Low binding, low extractable PTFE membrane removes particulates from aqueous and mild organic solvents for cleaner IC spectra
25 mm Millex® filters
25 mm Millex® filters
Sample volume: ≤100 mL
Features: Filters with polyethylene housings available with a wide selection of membranes
HPF Millex® filters for high particulate filtration
HPF Millex® filters for high particulate filtration
Sample volume: ≤100 mL
Features: Integrated prefilter yields two to four times greater throughput than traditional syringe filters.
33 mm Millex® filters
33 mm Millex® filters
Sample volume: ≤100 mL
Features: Larger filter surface (almost 20% more surface area than 25 mm filters) for increased flow rates and throughput.
Samplicity® filtration system with Millex® Samplicity® Filters
Samplicity® filtration system with Millex® Samplicity® Filters
Sample volume: 300 µL – 2 mL
Features: Prepares multiple samples simultaneously; ergonomic design simplifies membrane filtration; vacuum-powered device improves throughput and sample recovery.