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Beatriz CarrenoDr. Beatriz Carreno, Ph.D. is a Research Associate Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine.

In May, her team, along with collaborators at Merck, published findings in Science magazine that a vaccine bearing patient-specific tumor antigens elicited an effective antitumor immune response. They used MILLIPLEX® MAP assays to monitor T cell response.

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/bmia-images/vivian-nguyen.jpgDr. Vivian Nguyen
Scientist, Doyle Lab
Univ. of Arizona, Dept. of Neurology

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Why Multiplex When You Can MILLIPLEX®

Our customers always tell us, one main reason they keep coming back to MILLIPLEX® MAP kits is because of the consistent, quality results they get—every time. Not only do they save on precious samples, but they also realize significant savings in both time and money!

See What Our Customers Are Saying About MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplexing Kits:

“We tried MILLIPLEX® MAP Kits for the first time in 2011. This technology has allowed us to obtain a concentration of 30 chemokines and cytokines and 40 intracellular proteins in 3-4 assays. It takes us only 2 days of work and a very small amount of sample that is very precious because they were taken from rare diseases. In other way, we work on a special cell whose amount of intracellular factors is very low, but the kit is very sensitive to detect these factors. The results were very specific and reproducible (controlled by different experiments in our laboratory). In comparison with conventional methods and the same technology from other vendors, the protocol of Merck kits is quick and easy to realize. With these benefits, this technology has become an indispensable tool for our work." - Nguyen T.K.A, GIMAP Faculté de médecine, France

"A method for quantifying the analytes fractalkine, IFN-gamma and MCP-3 in serum and CSF samples using the Milliplex® MAP technology was investigated in our lab. The kit was suitable for quantitatively measuring the three analytes with acceptable precision, accuracy, recovery and stability. For assessment of assay robustness the storage stability of serum was analyzed as well." - Dr. Livia B., Probiodrug AG, Germany

"We use Luminex kits in our studies to detect 10 or more molecules only in one analysis (cytokines and adhesion molecules). Our samples are serum and culture media. Results are really fantastic, because the sample volume is only 50 microL. Many of these results are published in international journals (field, Nutrition). We have only one problem with the Luminex® technology, in some cases, some cytokines cannot be measured together." - Julio Plaza-Diaz, University of Granada, Spain

"Totally satisfied. The large range of [MILLIPLEX® MAP] kits available for different molecules allowed a rapid Panel of target of interest in our projects." - Mohamed E.B., Brain & Spine Institute (ICM), France

"With the Luminex 200 you are getting a perfect combination of a system which is highly flexible, fast and easy to use. You can run it with magnetic or non-magnetic beads. It is just great!" - Yener S., IVD GmbH, Germany

"We have used your 7-Plex T cell receptor (TCR) signaling kit - phosphoprotein (Cat. #48-690). The aim was to evaluate the role of surface molecules on tumor cells in suppressing anti-tumor T cell reactivity. As a read-out, we measured the phosphorylation level of transcription factors involved in the TCR signaling. This method helped us to identify a role of the surface molecule on tumor cells in the inhibition of anti-tumor T cell responses. The data obtained were included in the revised version manuscript." - Ludmila U., Hannover, Germany

"I highly appreciate Luminex® and MILLIPLEX® system since more than 30 molecules/antigens can be detected from a small amount of sample at once. This feature is extremely helpful for our team. We can save time as well as significantly minimize the cost! Analytic software is also helpful to compare the results. The reliability is nice! I can obtain ideal standard curves from Luminex® and have confidence in our results. Many thanks to Merck! And Luminex®/MILLIPLEX® system!!!" - Morihito T., Baylor Research Institute, USA

"Multiple cytokine detection with 25 microlitters of sample makes my work much easier. And results were comparable across experiments, as the quality control was done across batches. Very reliable and time/energy-saving." - Weishan H., Cornell University, USA

"The luminex plate was easy to set up and allowed us to analyze 72 different samples in one run looking at 5 different cytokines, however the software could have been more user friendly." - Jenna P. University of Rochester, USA

“We've been using the Luminex® instrument and MILLIPLEX® MAP kits for quite a few years. The instrument and kits have become an essential part of our mice studies. We are able to receive a lot of data from each kit. The sales representative that we have, Rhonda Gilbert, has helped us consistently on information that will be helpful to our projects. We will continue to use the luminex [platform] as we gather information for our mice projects." - Tammy B., University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

“We analyze different conditions in term and preterm neonates and one of the questions we're interested in is how cytokine levels may be affected in these children. MILLIPLEX® MAP kits allow us to analyze various cytokines and chemokines in a small volume of plasma or serum which is extremely important in preterm neonates who only have small volumes of blood after all.” - Dominik M., Saarland University, Germany

"This kit is amazing in its accuracy and the fact that we can measure multiple cytokines in single samples. Even the sample size required is very small and easy user friendly protocol makes it very simple to use." - S. Sridhar, Georgia Regents University, USA

"They are very easy to use. I found the instructions are laid out very well." - S. Tam, UBC James Hogg Research Center, Canada

"I like the MagPix. It makes my life easier." - E. Johnston, DiscoveRx, USA

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