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Metabolism Biomarker Assay Kits Using Luminex® Technology

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Measure endocrine and metabolism biomarkers with MILLIPLEX® MAP multiplexed assay kits.
Obesity, diabetes and associated conditions, under the umbrella of metabolic syndrome, are urgent health issues. Key features of metabolic syndrome include:
  • Insulin resistance 
  • Glucose intolerance 
  • Hypertension
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Central obesity
  • Neuropathy
These symptoms are risk factors for atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and even premature death. Adults with metabolic syndrome show inflammation, which may be linked to metabolism via dysregulated adipocyte production of pro- and anti-inflammatory factors. Consequently, biomarkers for metabolic syndrome include cytokines, acute phase proteins, diabetes and obesity-related hormones, as well as other endocrine biomarkers. With our expanding portfolio of assays to detect endocrine biomarkers, hormones, insulin-like growth factors and binding proteins, myokines, bone metabolism, and more, Merck is the leader in advancing your research of metabolic syndrome.

Bring your metabolism biomarkers to life with MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplex Assays

Bead-based multiplex assays enable precise, multiparametric analysis of diseases and underlying processes. Our MILLIPLEX® MAP multiplex metabolism biomarker assay kits enable you to simultaneously quantify nearly 400 analytes across several species.

Based on Luminex xMAP® technology, our analytically validated assay kits provide:
  • Standards validated to match reference lots
  • Serum matrix for generating standard curves that accurately simulate conditions of native analyte conditions in serum or plasma
  • In-assay controls
  • Detection antibody cocktails to ensure consistent performance regardless of plex size
Some examples of the multiplex assay analytes in our portfolio are listed below.

Diabetes, Metabolic and Gut Hormones*:

Gut hormones regulate gut motility and secretion, pancreatic islet hormone secretion, food intake and energy expenditure.

Glucagon GLP-1 Leptin
C-Peptide GIP Insulin
PYY Ghrelin Amylin
*only selected analytes listed


Hormones called adipokines regulate appetite and energy balance, insulin sensitivity, and lipid metabolism.

Adiponectin IL-1β IL-6
MCP-1 PAI-1 Resistin
TNF-α Leptin Adiponectin
*only selected analytes listed

Bone and Myokine Biomarkers*:

Myostatin Oncostatin M Osteoprotegerin
Irisin Apelin ACTH
Musclin Osteocalcin DKK1
SPARC Osteopontin SOST
*only selected analytes listed

Hormones of Reproduction, Development and Homeostasis*:

Testosterone Estradiol Corticosterone
*only selected analytes listed

To expand the power of your metabolism and endocrinology research, we also offer MILLIPLEX® MAP multiplex assays for:

Download the Analyte Quarterly brochure for a complete, updated list of assays.

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