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101114 Withdrawal system for solvents with manual pressure build-up for 10 l and 25 l drums

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Catalogue NumberPackaging Qty/Pack
1011140001 Fibre carton 1 unit
Catalogue Number101114
SynonymsManual withdrawal system for drums
OverviewSpecially developed solvent withdrawal system with manual pressure build-up for EMD Millipore returnable stainless steel drums and one-way metal drums of 10L and 25L. It includes two dip tubes, one for 10L and one for 25L. For usage with 25L blue metal containers, the longer of the two included dip tubes has to be cut by 9mm. For usage with 25L metal containers with PE inliner, please order the dip tube 9.67100.1026. Specially made for maximum user safety and maximum application reliability.
Product Information
HS Code8479 89 99
Biological Information
Physicochemical Information
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Storage class10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
Safety Information
Product Usage Statements
Storage and Shipping Information
Packaging Information
Transport Information
Supplemental Information
Global Trade Item Number
Catalogue Number GTIN
1011140001 04022536016115


Withdrawal system for solvents with manual pressure build-up for 10 l and 25 l drums SDS


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

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