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Single-Element and Multi-Element AAS Standards Dissolved in Oil

Merck’s single-element and multi-element standards dissolved in oil are suitable as ready-to-use calibration standards for the reliable analysis of non-aqueous matrices. All our AAS oil dissolved standards are officially certified and traceable to standard reference materials from NIST. 

For highest precision, Certipur® AAS standards dissolved in oil are analyzed and certified by our own calibration laboratory that has been accredited according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025. All relevant information, including uncertainty data and traceability, is documented in an extensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis.

For use in AAS, Certipur® standards dissolved in oil are diluted to the required concentration with Merck standard oil for AAS (1.13898.2500) or with non-polar solvents.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
C7496 Clarigard Cartridge Filters
C77255 Phosphotyrosine Signaling Solutions
C87785 Vantage S2 Chromatography Columns
C133158 Novagen® KOD Polymerase PCR Systems
C597 293 mm Sanitary Disc Filter Holder
C233 Patch Test Kit
C87737 GFAP Antibodies & Kits
C6001 Polygard-CT Cartridge Filters
C100790 RAS Antibodies, Kits, Proteins & Plasmids
C6137 Bevigard-L Cartridge Filters
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