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Colorimetric and Titrimetric Test Kits for Quick and Easy Water Analysis

Use MQuant® Anywhere, Anytime.

Merck's MQuant® colorimetric and titrimetric test kits offers variety and ease of handling. You can use them anywhere anytime – and get your results within minutes for your water analysis in

Aquamerck® for water analysis
  • aquaculture
  • surface water
  • industrial water
  • drinking and mineral water
  • for turbid and colored water in
    industrial applications

Each pack contains all reagents necessary for the test. Everyone can use them – even without special chemical training. The high-quality and brilliant color cards decisively simplify the allocation of the samples to the stated values. Therefore you get more precise results in no time at all.

MQuant® Titrimetric and Colorimetric Methods for Medium Concentration

Aquamerck® for water analysisThese test kits are the specialists for water analysis in aquaculture, limnology, the environment – and even in school. The system comprises titrimetric as well as colorimetric tests.

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MQuant® with Color Disk Comparator for Medium to High Concentration

MQuant® These tests are particularly suitable for industrial water, cooling and boiler water. Since the tests evaluate the color reaction according to the transmitted light method, turbid or colored water can be analyzed, too, without any further sample preparation.

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MQuant® with Color Card Comparator for Very Low to Medium Concentrations

MQuant® with color card comparatorThese test kits are especially suited for the analysis of drinking water, ground water, clean water and mineral water and in water production. The special feature of these test kits range lies in the measurement of low concentrations down to the ppb range.

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Siam L., cleaning technician, trusts MQuant® for his water analysis

My protective clothing is off-the-peg – but my MQuant® test assays are always made to measure." Siam L., cleaning technician.

When Siam checks for residue after purifying water at the bottling plant, he uses MQuant® test assays. We tailor them to his extract thresholds, so he gets precise results every time. And because the tests work right there on site, there´s no waiting for lab samples either.

Another unique feature: We adjust our test kits and comparison colors with the aid of certified standard solutions. These can be traced back directly to primary reference materials originating from NIST und PTB. Therefore we achieve a consistently high quality standard of all our visual test kits.

When stored at temperatures between 15 and 25 °C, the test kits remain stable for up to three years from the date of production. A further tip: To reduce costs and waste, take advantage of our handy refill packs and use the color comparators over and over again.

Advantages of Colorimetric and Titrimetric Test Kits

  • easy-to-handle tests – even for non-technical persons
  • no laboratory, no additional instrumentation and equipment needed
  • brilliant color scales and high-quality comparators for precise results
  • all necessary reagents in one kit
  • low analysis costs
  • true field application – on-site
  • complete range of parameters
  • tested using certified standard solutions for maximum reliability
  • long shelf life of up to 3 years
  • application-oriented measuring ranges
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