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Air and Gas Filtration
for Sterile Filtration

Hydrophobic sterilizing-grade filters are commonly used as air vents on processing tanks. The goal of the application is to maintain near ambient pressure in the tank while ensuring sterility. The tank vent filter removes viruses and microorganisms from the gas as it flows in or out of the tank. Merck offers a wide variety of membranes and formats for vent filtration, offering outstanding flow rates, retention, thermal and hydraulic stress.

Choosing the Right Membrane

Choosing the right membrane is critical to the success of the liquid sterile filtration within your process. You must be sure to choose the right pore size, media material, and membrane specifications in order to optimize your yields, process economics and product viability. Merck understands your complex needs and processes and offers a wide range of membrane options to fit your specifications.

  • Aervent® - 0.2 um hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane provides sterility assurance and high flow rates and throughput. The Aervent membrane contributes to lean processes due to its non-fiber releasing properties.
  • Aerex® - 0.2 um hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane features broad chemical compatibility and low gravimetric extractables.
  • Durapore® - 0.22 um hydrophobic membrane is manufactured to maximize retention and strength. Durapore hydrophobic membrane is ideally suited for applications such as product tank vents, where liquid bacterial retention is required.

Choosing the Right Format

Cartridge Filters are used in conjunction with stainless steel housings and can safely withstand multiple steam-in-place cycles. Merck cartridge filters are robust, strong, and reliable.

Opticap® XL Disposable Capsule Filters are commonly used in processes where fast turnover between cycles is required and to minimize worker exposure to hazardous process fluids.

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