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Millistak+® HC Pro synthetic depth filter

For clarification and downstream filtration

Millistak+® HC Pro (High Capacity Synthetic Media) is a synthetic depth filter providing a cleaner and more consistent depth filtration media over current diatomaceous earth (DE) and cellulose (CE) based filter media. Multiple media grades are available for primary and secondary clarification as well as downstream filtration applications.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic materials of construction

  • Reduce TOC extractables and pre-use flush volume requirements by 50%
  • No beta glucans to interfere with limulous amoebocyte lysate (LAL) testing for bacterial endotoxins
  • Lot to lot consistency

Depth filter media formulation & design

  • Provide as much as two times the filtration capacity with equivalent filter retention properties over commercial DE-based benchmarks
  • Improved HCP impurity clearance

In the proven pod format for ease of use and set-up!

Novel synthetic media technology inside!
Applications Media Grade
Primary clarification (direct harvest) D0SP
Primary and secondary clarification (direct harvest, centrate) C0SP
Secondary clarification (direct harvest and centrate), and downstream filtration X0SP
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With Millistak+® HC Pro, we are extending our current Millistak+® depth filter media portfolio with the first to market, fully synthetic depth filter media.