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Antibodies to Methylated Proteins

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Ready access to the biological significance and epigenetic implications of core histone amino acid modifications. Through this interactive nucleosome experience, you can explore published histone modifications to obtain relevant bioinformatic data, supporting references, and available research reagents for histone modification and epigenetics research.

Methylation in Signal Transduction

Methylation as a part of signal transduction is carried out by methyltransferase enzymes that reversibly add methyl groups to the carboxyl groups of proteins and DNA, forming methyl esters. Small G proteins, including small GTPases and heterotrimeric G proteins are often regulated by methylation. Methylation of Ras, for example, localizes it to the inner leaflet of the plasma membrane, regulating its activity. Millipore offers an assortment of antibodies to methylated proteins and amino acid residues, including: Lysine, Arginine, p300, MBP, PP2A and CpG.

Histone Methylation in Nuclear Signaling
Histone H3 modification sites including methylation sites.
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Methylation of histones have become the focus of intense gene regulation research. Methylation and modifications of certain histone residues are strongly indicative of euchromatin and transcriptional activation, while other methylation events are hallmarks of heterochromatin and correlate with transcriptional repression.

Featured Methylation Antibodies and Kits

Anti MBD1 methylation antibody. Anti-MBD1, C-terminus
Methyl binding domain (MBD) proteins recognize methylated DNA and repress transcription from methylated promoters, presumably by activating histone methyltransferases to modify chromatin. This MBD1 antibody effectively recognizes MBD1 in Western blots and ELISAs.

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Anti Dimethyl arginine methylation antibody. Anti-dimethyl-Arginine, asymmetric (ASYM24)
Merck’s Anti-dimethyl-Arginine antibody is specific for asymmetrically dimethylated arginine as determined by ELISA with an unmethylated ‘backbone’ peptide or an identical peptide containing symmetrically dimethylated arginines.

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CpGenome universal DNA modification kit to create methylation specific alterations. CpGenome Universal DNA Modification Kit
The CpGenome™ DNA Modification Kit is used to create methylation-specific sequence alterations in any DNA sample. After sequence conversion, methylation specific PCR is employed to detect these differences using primers specific for any gene of interest.

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Histone methyltransferase assay reagent kit. Histone Methyltransferase Assay Reagent Kit
HMTs in general are important regulators of gene expression and genome function. Accessory reagent kit for the analysis of histone methyltransferase activity. 

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