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Human Neural Stem Cell Characterization

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Neural Stem Cell - Anti-Nestin Human Antibody
Neural stem cells stained with anti-Nestin human antibody
Merck offers various polyclonal, monoclonal and directly conjugated forms of Nestin antibodies.

Antibodies for Neural Stem Cells

Characterization Kits for Neural Stem Cells

Merck Offers optimized antibody characterization kits to identify human neural stem cells using immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry. Antibodies are validated on proper neural stem cell cultures.
Human Neural Stem Cell Characterization Kit
Contains human specific antibody markers for Nestin, Sox 2, and Musashi that are frequently used to identify human neural stem cells and progenitor cells along with more differentiated lineage markers including bIII-tubulin for neurons, GFAP for astrocytes and O1 for oligodendrocytes.