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Benzonase® Nuclease HC, Purity > 99%

Benzonase® Nuclease is a genetically engineered endonuclease that degrades all forms of DNA and RNA while having no proteolytic activity.

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Products with Same Technical Specifications as our Catalog Material but in Larger, More Convenient Pack Sizes

Bulk Reagent Services Capabilities:

Consistent batch (lot-to-lot reproducibility): Use of a single lot of material in bulk quantities supports development of robust, reliable methods for your long term projects

Convenient sizes: Volumes or quantities designed for one time use are convenient and remove the variability that occurs when multiple technicians are needed on your high risk projects.

Application-ready: Take advantage of packing and vialing formats designed for ease of use, ready for use upon arrival to you.

Cost Savings: Qualify for discounting programs offered only on bulk quantities taking advantage of efficient large scale manufacture processes.

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