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Cell Signaling ELISAs

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Determining how the elements of signal transduction interact both within and between pathways is essential to understanding normal and disease processes. Choose among our ELISAs detecting phosphorylation states of key signaling proteins, second messengers transmitting intracellular signals and even apoptosis.

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Our ELISA and RIA biomarker assays provide you with consistent, high-quality tools so that you can do your best work while saving time, labor and cost. Use the assay finder below to choose the correct assay for your biomarker of interest, so you can obtain the best quality data the first time.
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Transcription Factor Assay (TFA) ELISAs

Quickly and accurately determine the effect of cell signaling on gene expression with EZ-TFA non-radioactive assays. These ELISAs detect the DNA binding activity of transcription factors in whole cell or nuclear extracts in a convenient 96-well format.

With a choice of colorimetric or ultra-sensitive chemiluminescence detection, these assays provide greater sensitivity than conventional gel mobility shift assays.

Assays include:

DescriptionColorimetric Catalog #Chemiluminescent #
Jun/Fos 70-546 70-646
NFκB p50/p65 70-510 70-610
NFκB p65 70-520 70-620
PI3 Kinase Activity/Inhibitor 17-493