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Finished Reagents


Finished Reagents

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Our blood typing reagents are made from human or murine monoclonal antibodies and are formulated in low-protein diluents. These monoclonal reagents offer many advantages over polyclonal-based products. These advantages include:
  • Highly specific – no risk of contaminating antibodies
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Low biohazard risk
  • IgM antibodies allow direct agglutination, react without the need for an indirect antiglobulin test, and can be used to type cells with a positive direct antiglobulin test.

We offer a wide range of monoclonal blood typing finished reagents compliant with the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC. The BIOSCOT® portfolio is supplied in a variety of commercial configurations: finished reagent bulk, unlabeled vials, or private trade dress. Whether the product is labeled by us or privately labeled (OEM), we can assist with product and batch registration and/or CE marking where applicable.

BIOSCOT® labeled reagents are not available to customers in all geographies.

Bulk reagent and unlabelled vial formats are not intended for use as finished In Vitro Diagnostic devices. These products are for further manufacturing or non-diagnostic use only.

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