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Cardiovascular Disease Biomarker Assay Kits Using Luminex® Technology

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Measurement of cardiovascular disease biomarkers in human samples using magnetic bead-based MILLIPLEX® multiplex panels

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Measure cardiovascular biomarkers – such as fibrinogen, CRP, and myeloperoxidase – with MILLIPLEX® multiplexed assay kits.
Cardiovascular disease (CVD), particularly atherosclerotic vascular disease, is a leading cause of global mortality, accounting for 30% of all deaths annually (WHO). Inflammation pathways play a vital role in the initiation, maintenance and progression of vascular disease, and there is a strong correlation between inflammation biomarkers (such as acute phase proteins) and prognosis in coronary artery disease.

Bring your cardiovascular disease biomarkers to life with MILLIPLEX® Multiplex CVD Assays

For a complete picture of CVD, you need to analyze data for multiple proteins from multiple systems. Trust Merck’s growing MILLIPLEX® portfolio of multiplexed CVD biomarker assays for precise lot-to-lot consistency.

Based on Luminex xMAP® technology, our analytically verified assay kits provide:
  • Standards verified to match reference lots
  • Serum matrix for generating standard curves that accurately simulate conditions of native analyte conditions in serum or plasma
  • In-assay controls
  • Detection antibody cocktails to ensure consistent performance regardless of plex size
Some examples of the cardiovascular disease biomarker assay analytes in our portfolio are listed below.

Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers*:

Biomarkers that may indicate a higher risk for heart disease include:

Troponin I Troponin T BNP (B-type natriuretic peptide)
NT-proBNP sICAM-1 Myeloperoxidase
*only selected analytes listed

Acute Phase Proteins*:

Acute phase proteins are produced in the liver in response to proinflammatory cytokines. The serum concentrations of these proteins change significantly in response to inflammation, and low-grade inflammation has been correlated with cardiovascular disease.

CRP Fibrinogen Serum Amyloid P
α-1-Acid-Glycoprotein (AGP) α-2-Macroglobulin L-Selectin
*only selected analytes listed


These proteins bind to and transport lipids through the bloodstream; their levels may correlate with risk of coronary heart disease.

Apo AI Apo AII Apo B
Apo CII Apo CIII Apo E

Cardiovascular heart disease may be coincident with metabolic syndrome. Simultaneously measure biomarkers of both disease states by choosing among MILLIPLEX® metabolism biomarker assay kits.

Numerous studies have demonstrated an association between the inflammation pathway and cardiovascular risk factors. Enrich your CVD studies by adding MILLIPLEX® inflammation assay panels to your experiments.

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