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Immunological Lateral Flow Tests


Singlepath® & Duopath® Lateral Flow Tests for Immunological Detection

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Convenient, Rapid Pathogen Detection

Merck’s Singlepath® and Duopath® Lateral Flow Tests are immunoassays for detecting pathogens with the ultimate convenience. Covering the major pathogens, the tests act as mini-laboratories in the “pregnancy test” format and always include a built-in control reaction. Another major advantage is that they deliver definite results as little as 20 minutes after sample enrichment.

Merck Lateral Flow Tests offer all the benefits of traditional testing methods with the addition of simplicity, speed, reliability and convenience. Use in combination with our granulated culture media to ensure optimal test performance. Singlepath® E. coli O157, Singlepath® Salmonella, Singlepath® Campylobacter and Duopath® Verotoxins rapid tests are AOAC-RI approved.

Your Benefits
  • Reliable: Same accuracy standards as classical detection methods 
  • Comprehensive: Tests cover six most relevant pathogens in food
  • Fast: Definite results within 20 - 30 minutes 
  • Easy-to-use: Clear yes/no results after simple sample application 
  • Safe: Additional positive control and specially adapted enrichment media for precise, reliable results 
  • Economic: Rapid results save operating costs by expediting product release while ensuring product reliability 

Lateral Flow Tests are available for.

When used as part of your monitoring program, Singlepath® and Duopath® Lateral Flow Tests allow you to streamline a significant portion of your testing protocols, ensure the safety of your finished products and shorten your holding times.

Readybag® Media Pouches

Readybag® Media Pouches

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