Milli-Q® Integral Water Purification System for Ultrapure Water






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PR0G0T0S2Progard® TS2 Pretreatment Pack 1 显示价格及库存情况
PR0G0TNP2Progard® TNP2 Pretreatment Pack 1 显示价格及库存情况
QTUM0TEX1Quantum TEX (Organex 树脂) 纯化柱 1 显示价格及库存情况
QTUM0TIX1Quantum TIX (Ionex 树脂) 纯化柱 1 显示价格及库存情况
TANKMPK01用于 Elix 系统的 30/60/100L PE 水箱的空气过滤器 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZFA10UVM1A10 TOC检测仪UV灯 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZLXUVLP01UV灯254nm 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZMQUVLP01仅适用于 Milli-Q Gradient(紫色门)、Milli-Q Element(灰色门)和 Milli-Q Synthesis(橙色门)的 UV 更换灯 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZWCL01F50氯药片 45 显示价格及库存情况


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CDUFBI001BioPak 超纯化柱 1 显示价格及库存情况
EDSPAK001EDS-Pak® Polisher 1 显示价格及库存情况
LCPAK0001LC-Pak® Polisher 1 显示价格及库存情况
MPGL04GK2Millipak® 40 Gamma Gold Filter 2 显示价格及库存情况
MPGP04001Millipak Express 40 过滤单元, 0.22 µm,非无菌 1 显示价格及库存情况
V0CPAK001VOC-Pak® Polisher 1 显示价格及库存情况


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ACTIC0M02Millitrack® Basic e-Solution 1 显示价格及库存情况
ACTIC0M03Millitrack® Compliance e-Solution 1 显示价格及库存情况
EDSKIT001Application-Pak Installation Kit 1 显示价格及库存情况
LABCL0SE1Lab Close Kit 1 显示价格及库存情况
TANKASMINAutomatic Sanitization Module (ASM) Elix® and Milli-Q® Systems 1 显示价格及库存情况
TANKPE03030 公升聚乙烯水箱 1 显示价格及库存情况
TANKPE06060 公升聚乙烯水箱 1 显示价格及库存情况
TANKPE100100 公升聚乙烯水箱 1 显示价格及库存情况
WMBQP0D01Q-POD 挂墙安装支架 1 显示价格及库存情况
WMBSMT002Simplicity 和 Synergy 的墙上安装支架 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZFWATDET4漏水检测器, 230 V/50 Hz 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZMQSFTS01纯水系统的脚踏板 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZMQSP0D01Q-POD 取水单元 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZRXSP0D01E-POD® Pure Water Remote Dispenser 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZWDK5L100Washer Distribution Kit 230 V (Left) 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZWDK5R100Washer Distribution Kit 230 V (Right) 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZWDK6L100Washer Distribution Kit 115 V (Left) 1 显示价格及库存情况
ZWDK6R100Washer Distribution Kit 115 V (Right) 1 显示价格及库存情况



    Material Qualification Dossier



    Milli-Q® Integral Water Purification Systems


    Blank Optimization Using Ultrapure Water Suitable for Trace Ion Analysis.
    High Purity Water for Inorganic Analysis
    Milli-Q Element System Water Quality Assessment
    Nerve Cell Culture via Pyrogen-free Water: Pyrogen Removal of the Milli-Q PF Water System
    Total Organic Carbon in High-Purity Water
    UV Oxidation in Water Purification
    Ultrapure Water for Elemental Analysis down to ppt levels


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    显示摘要 全文本文章
    Quantification of 2-hydrazinopyridine derivatized steroid hormones in fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) blood plasma using LC-ESI+/MS/MS
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    显示摘要 全文本文章
    Determining What's in Your Laboratory Water - "Emerging Contaminants" from the Tap Pose Subtle Threat to Experimental Data
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    显示摘要 全文本文章
    Designing a customized lab water system
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    Designing a customized lab water system Designing a customized lab water system
    Polishing Up On Water Quality
    C. Devaux, C. Monferran, M. Tarun, E. Riche, D. Darbouret
    Laboratory Equipment – Chromatography Techniques (2010) Dec.  2010

    显示摘要 全文本文章
    Improving chromatographic performance by using freshly delivered ultrapure water in the mobile phase
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    显示摘要 全文本文章
    Trace Analysis of Perchlorate: Analytical Method and Removal Efficiency of Purification Technologies
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    Trace Analysis of Perchlorate: Analytical Method and Removal Efficiency of Purification Technologies Trace Analysis of Perchlorate: Analytical Method and Removal Efficiency of Purification Technologies
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