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ProSep® Ultra Plus Chromatography Resin


For Large-Scale Purification

Cost-effective Affinity Purification

ProSep® Ultra Plus media is a protein A-based affinity chromatography media designed for large-scale, cost-effective purification of high titer therapeutic antibodies.

Based on the proven technology of ProSep® media, ProSep® Ultra Plus media is utilizing a smaller particle size, with optimized pore size selection and ligand immobilization, resulting in a significant increase in dynamic capacity and productivity. It's rigid base matrix enables predictable scale-up and greater process flexibility, supporting reduced equipment footprint and the ability to purify large volumes of higher titer feedstock in less time.

Dynamic capacity of ProSep® Ultra Plus media compared with competitive media.
Figure 1.
Dynamic capacity of ProSep® Ultra Plus media compared with competitive media.

  • High capacity binding
  • High throughput processes
  • Flexible, low-cost operation
  • Reliable scale-up

The ProSep® family of resin matrix is optimized for large-scale production operations and offers significant advantages compared with other available matrices. ProSep® Ultra Plus chromatography media consist of animal-free protein A immobilized on controlled porous glass that is permeated by interconnecting pores of uniform and precisely controlled size.

Prepacked Columns
ProSep® Ultra Plus resin is also available in MiniChrom columns and RoboColumns® format. MiniChrom columns and RoboColumns® are the ideal tools for performing initial media screening, scaling and optimization studies. The easy-to-use, economical small scale columns can be used with any chromatography system.

Part of the BioContinuum Platform

Part of the BioContinuum™ Platform

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