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Aquastar® – Reagents for Fast, Precise
and Reliable Karl Fischer Titration

Using Merck's Aquastar® reagents for Karl Fischer titration, the water content of gases, liquids and solids can be determined easily and with high accuracy and reliability. Our comprehensive Aquastar® product line covers the whole range of volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer reagents, rounded off with various water standards for titer determination, monitoring and qualifying Karl Fischer equipment, and checking measuring results.

For volumetric titration suitable for higher water content levels (0.1–100 %), we supply both one-component and two-component reagents. You benefit from high titration rates for fast analysis and accurate, reliable results. A comprehensive portfolio of Aquastar® solvents is available for water determination in aldehydes and ketones as well as in oils and fats. Our accompanying Aquastar® buffer solutions help maintaining the optimum 5-7 pH range.

For coulometric titration primary used for determining very low water contents (< 1 %), we provide combined reagents that contain all reaction components in one solution and can be used as both anolyte and catholyte. Your advantage: Even in diaphragm cells only one reagent is necessary. This makes your coulometric KF titration much easier and prevents mistakes.

Our New Global Karl Fischer Product Line

We are proud to present you our new global product range of Karl Fischer reagents and standards named Aquastar®. We will replace our existing Apura® trademark with the new brand name Aquastar® outside of North America. In North America Aquastar® is already a very well-known and established high quality brand. To offer one global available product line worldwide we will use in the future for all our Karl Fischer products the brand name Aquastar®. All products will keep the same catalogue numbers, designation, composition, quality, specification and performance. We just change outside of the United States and Canada the brandname to Aquastar® – nothing more.

All of the products continue to be supplied from the same source as before; they are manufactured and packaged in our Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany facility.

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Catalog Number Catalog Name
188036 缓冲试剂 - (Buffer solution for strong bases)
188055 油中标准水 - (Water standard oil)
106664 酒石酸钠 - (Sodium tartrate dihydrate)
188001 卡尔费休滴定液 力价 1 mg/ml - (CombiTitrant 1)
188005 卡尔菲休滴定液 力价 5 mg/ml - (CombiTitrant 5)
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