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Reference Materials for Reliable Calibration in AAS

Merck’s high-quality Certipur® reference materials for AAS and ICP comprise AAS standards and auxiliaries (including AAS standards dissolved in oil for the analysis of non-aqueous matrices) as well as single-element and multi-element standards for ICP. Moreover, we provide standards as Titrisol® concentrates.

Merck Certipur® reference materials for AAS and ICP are ready-to-use solutions, certified and traceable to primary standard reference material from NIST. Our stringent quality-control procedures ensure highest precision: Certipur® ICP and AAS standards are analyzed using ICP-OES and ICP-MS methods and certified by our own calibration laboratory that has been accredited according to ISO 17025. All relevant information, including uncertainty data and traceability, is documented in an extensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis.

Merck is an accredited Reference Material Producer according to ISO Guide 34 for ICP single-element standards – so you can be perfectly sure to get reliable top quality.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
170327 镧ICP标准品 - (Lanthanum ICP standard)
109915 硒浓缩标准液 - (Selenium standard)
170344 高铼酸铵水溶液 - (Rhenium ICP standard)
110982 氧化镧 - (Lanthanum(III) oxide)
109969 铅浓缩标准液(硝酸铅(II)水溶液) - (Lead standard)
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