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As a manufacturer, you are in close contact with the consumer. You know exactly how the market uses your products and you are the first to know when consumer requirements or laws change and when you have to carry out the necessary adjustments. It is our priority to know the demands being placed on our products and the information you need.

In order to keep pace with current developments in a fast-changing regulatory environment as well as the latest regulations, Merck is a member of various industry associations, consortiums, working groups and committees. Merck is committed to continue to be an active member. It will contribute both its expertise and resources to a global quality system to assure patients' safety and to meet the pharmaceutical industry's needs and regulatory requirements.

Extensive know-how and Direct Contact
with Customers

As a pharmaceutical and specialty chemical company, Merck has been committed to the high quality and safety of its products throughout its history since 1668. To keep an overview of current market trends, Merck is a member of various industry associations and consortiums – including VCI IPEC and Rx-360 – in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. This allows us to keep abreast of the latest developments in laws and regulations in, for example, Europe, the United States and Japan.

Though cooperation in working groups that are engaged in current developments, we are able to compile and evaluate important information on forthcoming legislative changes, allowing us to respond to these in good time. Thanks to its lobbying group in the chemical industry, Merck can work with the appropriate committees and influence the drafting of new standards, guidelines and regulations. As a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry, we are continuing this commitment to improving and enhancing our state-of-the-art quality management system – always with the benefit of customers and patients in mind.

The globalization of the pharmaceutical and chemical markets and a very fast-changing regulatory environment pose new challenges to us. Therefore, a fully transparent and close cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers is needed. As we are always staying on top of issues, we will help you to make well-informed decisions. You will also benefit from the contacts we have developed over the years.


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