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Custom Service and Sample Testing Using Single
Molecule Counting (SMC™) Technology

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Custom Assay Development and Services utilizing Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) technology

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We let YOUR science drive biomarker assay development!
Get the degree of customization you need:
  • Combine existing assays from our broadest collection of analytes available.
  • Receive complete protocols, analytical validation and all the reagents you need in a single kit.
  • Got an antibody? We can conjugate it and validate for your platform of choice.
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When Time and Resources are Limited, Depend on Comprehensive Custom Services

Proven Expertise in SMC™ Technology

Digital single molecule counting immunoassay technology provides unparalleled precision for quantification of low and high abundance protein targets. Widely adopted by researchers and pharmaceutical organizations around the world, SMC™ technology is being used to accelerate scientific discovery and therapeutic development programs across a variety of disease areas.

Trusted Outsourcing Services

Merck Custom Services is powered by a scientific team with core expertise in SMC™ technology. Whether you need fit-for-purpose sample testing, biomarker analysis using one of our currently available SMC™ immunoassays, or development and manufacture of an immunoassay for your novel target of interest, Merck Custom Services will partner with you to develop a project specific to your program requirements. 

Scientific Partnership and Support

The Merck team will work closely with you to understand and define the scope of the project, leading to a customized project work plan. Throughout the project you will receive incremental progress updates and have easy access to the scientific team for questions and discussion related to the project. Final study reports are available at the end of the study and may be personalized to meet your specific needs. If your program requires GLP services, Merck can facilitate the technical method transfer to a CRO of your choice at any point of the Custom Assay Development process.

Custom Immunoassay Services Capabilities:

Collaborative Biomarker Discovery & Development
  • Fit-for-purpose sample testing (non-GLP) – preclinical to early clinical studies
  • Immunoassay development
  • Biomarker validation (to sponsor requirements)
Biotherapeutic Discovery
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Immunogenicity
Reagent Labeling and Characterization
  • Antibody screening and selection
  • Antibody labeling
  • Assay stability testing
SMC™ Assay Kit Development
  • Proprietary or commercial SMC™ assay kit development
  • Assay kit verification and validation
  • Assay kit manufacturing
  • Method transfer to CRO
Sample Testing
  • R&D and prototype assay kit sample testing
  • Commercial assay kit sample testing
  • To assess potential biological relevance in real samples
  • To assess biological anomalies that may occur due to such things as drug interference or matrix effect
Consult with our custom assay team to learn more about how our extensive assay design experience can be customized for your project needs.

We build custom assays and provide sample testing to meet your specific needs! Contact: