Millistak+® Pod Disposable Depth Filter Systems

High performance Pod filters are ideal for primary and secondary clarification in lab, pilot and process scale applications



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Millistak+® Lab Scale Pod Filters Borrar Clasificación y Filtrado
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MA1HC054H1Millistak+® HC Pod Depth Filter, A1HC media series, 0.054 m2 surface area, 1/4 in. Hose Barb connection 1 Precios y disponibilidad

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    Flyer: Clarification of mammalian cell cultures by depth filtration (MRK)
    Millistak+® and Clarisolve® depth filters at a glance
    The science of managing change for filters

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    Article: From Single-Use to Re-Use
    Article: Selection of clarification methods for improved downstream performance and economics
    Article: Stay ahead - smart risk-management
    Millistak+® Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart
    Validation of Clean-In-Place Capability for the Millistak+ Pod Process Scale Holder Tubing Manifold

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    Millistak+® Pod disposable depth filter system
    Provantage® Services - Millistak+® Pod Filter Holder qualification protocol and services


    Novel synthetic adsorptive depth filter

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    μPod® Filters

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