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Agar Cassettes for M Air T®
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Prefilled Agar Cassettes for the M Air T® Sampler

M Air T® Prefilled Agar Cassettes for the portable M Air T® Sampler are convenient in more ways than one. They are sterile and easy to load – virtually eliminating the risk of contamination. They are also fully USP and EP compliant, with all certificates included. What’s more, they feature a consistent filling level and flat surface, thus ensuring the reproducibility of your results.

Prefilled Agar Cassettes for the M Air T® Isolator

For the M Air T® Isolator, which was developed specifically for use in the most critical areas, special pre-filled agar cassettes combine maximum convenience with unparalleled safety. Their impermeable packaging is designed for result reliability, while their consistent filling levels and flat agar surface ensure reproducibility.

The Benefits of the Agar Cassettes for the M Air T® Isolator

  • Specially qualified for use in isolators
  • Validated packaging: Impermeable to sanitizing agents
  • Consistent filling levels and flat agar surface for reproducible results
  • Easy to load, even when wearing isolator gloves: User-friendly handling
  • Available with media specifically formulated for isolators which contain significant residual H2O2
M Air T® cassettes

M Air T® Cassettes

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Secure & Reliable
  • USP and EP compliance certificate
  • Distance between sieve and surface of agar cassette remains constant: Reproducible results
  • Double-sleeve packaging, gamma-irradiated: Safe for barrier environments
  • Wing on edge of cassette: Easy positioning in sampler head
  • Integrated grid: Easier colony counting
  • Laser marked cassettes: Allows for efficient record keeping and tracking
  • Range of media available for determination of the total count, yeast and molds