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Luminex 200™ System

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/luminex-images/luminex-luminex200.jpgLuminex 200™ System and Luminex XY Platform™

The Luminex 200™ system provides a complete mid to high range solution for rapid, accurate biomarker quantification.

The Luminex XY Platform™ (Luminex XYP™) complements the Luminex 100™ and 200™ systems by automating the sequential positioning of each well of a microtiter plate. This enables you to perform a total of up to 9,600 unattended tests per plate in less than one hour.

Luminex 200™ Advantages:

  • Flexible – Run both magnetic bead and non-magnetic bead immunoassays
  • Multiplex – Up to 100 analytes per well of a 96-well microtiter plate in as little as 25 µL of sample
  • Easy to use – User-friendly programming functions
  • Scalable – Bar code reader included

Luminex 200™ Instrument Specifications

  • Accuracy and Precision
    • Sample uptake volume ±5%
    • Classification of microspheres >80%
    • Misclassification of microspheres ≤ 2%. May vary by xMAP microsphere product lines. Refer to the specific product information sheet for further details.
    • Temperature control 0°C to +2°C of target
    • Internal sample carryover <0.9%. Soluble background fluorescence emissions at 575 nm automatically subtracted from fluorescence intensity values
  • Sensitivity
    • Detect 1000 fluorochromes phycoerythrin (PE) per xMAP microsphere
    • Reporter channel dynamic range: 3.5 decades of detection
  • Optics
    • Reporter laser: 532 nm, nominal output 10 - 15 mW, maximum 500 mW, frequency-doubled diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)
    • Classification laser: 635 nm, 9.1 ± 6%, maximum output 25 mW, diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)
    • Reporter detector: Photomultiplier tube, detection bandwidth of 565 – 585 nm
    • Classification detector and doublet discriminator: Avalanche photo diodes with temperature compensation
  • Fluidics
    • Sheath flow rate: 90 µL ± 5 µL/second
    • Cuvette: 200 micron square flow channel
    • Sample injection rate: 1 µL/second
    • Sample update volume: 20 – 200 µL
  • Setup
    • Installation < 4 hours
    • System calibration < 10 minutes
    • System warm up 30 minutes. Systems that remain inactive for at least four hours will require a warm-up to restart the lasers. After acquiring sample, running system calibrators, running system controls and warming up the instrument, the system resets the four-hour internal clock.
  • Capacity
    • The specifications below reflect minimum capacity values:
    • Analyze multiple 96-well plates per batch
    • Analyze multiple assay templates per plate
    • Automatic sampling from a 96-well plate. The following microtiter plates are compatible with the Luminex XY Platform plate holder: flatbottom, conical, round, filter bottom, half plates [overall height no more than 0.75” (19mm)], any color.
    • Sheath container and waste container hold enough volume to run up to two 96-well plates between refills.
    • Distinguish a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 100 unique xMAP microsphere sets in a single sample
    • Detect and distinguish surface reporter fluorescence emissions at 575 nm on the surface of 1-100 unique xMAP microsphere sets in a single sample
  • General
    • Operating temperature: 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
    • Humidity: 20% to 80%, noncondensing
    • Altitude: Operation up to 2400 m (7874 ft.) above mean sea level
    • Physical dimensions: 43 cm (17 inches) W x 50.5 cm (20 inches) D x 24.5 cm (9.5 inches) H
    • Weight: 25 kg (60 lbs.)
    • UL Installation Category II, as defined in Annex J of the UL 61010A-1
    • UL Pollution Degree 2, as defined in Section of UL 61010A-1
    • Luminex 200™ analyzer, input voltage range: 100 - 120 V~ ±10%, 1.4 Amp, and 200 - 240 V~ ±10%, 0.8 Amp, 47 – 63 Hz
  • PC Specifications
    • Intel Pentium IV or equivalent class PC, minimum speed 933 MHz
    • Main memory: minimum of 256 MB
    • Hard disk drive: 10 GB minimum storage capacity
    • Communication/Ports: minimum of one parallel port, 2 RS-232 compatible serial ports, and one USB version 1.1 compatible high speed port
    • Read, write and removable media: CDR/W drive
    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2
    • CE marked and UL listed
    • Two-button mouse or equivalent