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71732 pIEx/Bac™-4 Ek/LIC Vector Kit

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Replacement Information

This product has been discontinued.

The pIEx/Bac™-4 Ek/LIC vector has an N-terminal GST-Tag™ coding sequence followed by a recognition site for enterokinase. The Ek/LIC cloning site is followed by an optional C-terminal His•Tag® coding sequence. This Ek/LIC vector is ready for rapid, directional cloning of PCR-amplified DNA, without restriction enzyme digestion or ligation. The pIEx/Bac vectors are dual-purpose vectors that offer unique flexibility for cloning and expression of proteins in Spodoptera-derived insect cells. These vectors contain the Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcNPV) enhancer/immediate early promoter combination (hr5/ie1) for plasmid-mediated and early baculovirus expression, and the AcNPV p10 very late promoter for robust baculovirus-mediated expression. All pIEx/Bac plasmids carry AcNPV-derived virus regions to mediate recombination at the polh locus.
Catalogue Number71732
Brand Family Novagen®
Product Information
20 µg (40 µl) 0.5 µg/µl pIEx/Bac-4 Ek/LIC DNA
50 µlT4 DNA Polymerase Buffer
5 µg (10 µl) 0.5 µg/µl pIEx/Bac Ek/LIC Positive Expression Control
25 UT4 DNA Polymerase, LIC-qualified
100 µl100 mM DTT
40 µl25 mM dATP
50 µl25 mM EDTA
1.5 ml Nuclease-free Water
1 pkgNovaBlue GigaSingles Competent Cells
2 mlSOC Medium
10 µlTest Plasmid
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Safety Information
R PhraseR: 22-36/37/38

Harmful if swallowed.
Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
S PhraseS: 26-36

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Wear suitable protective clothing.
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Ship Code Dry Ice Only
Toxicity Harmful
Storage ≤ -70°C
Do not freeze Ok to freeze
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71732 0