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Mounting Media: Permanent Preservation

For microscopic analysis, stained tissue sections, cytological gynecological preparations, bacteriological samples or hematologicyal blood smears are usually mounted with aqueous or non-aqueous mounting media and covered with a cover glass if they need to be stored for a long period of time. This enables stable preservation and virtually permanent storage of the sample. It also ensures compliance with international guidelines, which require that clinical samples prepared for diagnostics are stored for 10 years. The choice of mounting medium depends on the protocol, and should contain solvent or water, which is applied to the sample prior to mounting.

Merck’s portfolio of reagents for microscopy includes a complete selection of aqueous and non-aqueous mounting media. Developed and produced according to the highest quality standards, the media offer outstanding stability and solubility as well as excellent refractive properties. All of our mounting media are CE certified IVD products, hence they are perfectly suited to clinical diagnostics.

Aqueous Mounting Media

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Aqueous mounting media-120x102-08272013.jpgCertain applications in microscopy, such as fluorescence staining or enzymatic cytochemistry, require the use of aqueous mounting media. In this method, slides are either mounted directly from the aqueous step, or after brief drying. Aqueous mounting media should be used especially with specimens prepared for enzyme and lipid determinations. This prevents specimens from being dehydrated with an ascending series of alcohol.
Our Range of Aqueous Mounting Media Includes:
  • Aquatex® (aqueous mounting agent) for microscopy 
  • Gelatine for microbiology 
  • Glycerol for fluorescence microscopy 
  • Kaiser’s glycerol gelatine for microscopy 
  • Sorbitol F liquid (sorbitol syrup, non-crystallizing) E 420

Non-Aqueous Mounting Media

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Non-aqueous mounting media-120x95-08272013.jpgCompletely dehydrated samples, such as histological tissue sections, should be mounted with a non-aqueous mounting medium and cover glass. These water-free mounting media protect the sample and assure the stain’s optical brilliance.

Our Range of Non-Aqueous Mounting Media Includes:
  • DPX new non-aqueous mounting medium 
  • Entellan® rapid mounting medium 
  • Entellan® new rapid mounting medium 
  • Entellan® new for cover slipper 
  • M-Glas™ liquid cover glass 
  • Neo-Mount anhydrous mounting medium<

Product Range

A comprehensive selection of aqueous and non-aqueous mounting media for all protocols and staining methods.

All Mounting Media

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