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Setting the Standard for Folate Supplementation

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/SMP-Small-Molecule-Pharmaceuticals/metafolin-baby.jpgFolates play an essential role in a variety of biochemical reactions and normal cell division and repair. Adequate folate intake is critical during periods of rapid growth such as pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence. Low levels of folates are associated with a variety of disorders including anemia, neural tube defects, various forms of cardiovascular diseases, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

For decades, we have been a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality “nature identical” folates for nutritional and pharmaceutical applications. Our products Metafolin® and Arcofolin® are based on the stable crystalline form of L-methylfolate (also known as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate), the naturally occurring, primary biologically active form of folate.

Extensive toxicological tests have shown that both Metafolin® and Arcofolin® are safe for human consumption. In 2001 U.S. FDA accepted our first new dietary ingredient notification for Metafolin®. Meanwhile our L-methylfolates are approved in key regions and product categories. Both are produced under cGMP conditions in our U.S. FDA- and Swissmedic-inspected facility.

The Body’s Preferred Form of Folate

Metafolin® and Arcofolin® L-Methylfolate are directly bioavailable and therefore easy for the body to metabolize as they do not require any extra steps to be absorbed and enter circulation once ingested. This makes them superior to folic acid which needs to be activated first. L-Methylfolate is the predominant form of folate in circulation and for transport into tissues, including the brain – making it the body’s preferred form of folate and the easiest way to achieve a balanced folate intake.

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Metafolin® L-Methylfolate

Metafolin® was introduced in 2001 as the first commercially available stable crystalline form of the naturally occurring folate vitamin.

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Arcofolin® L-Methylfolate

Arcofolin® provides a higher level of active folate, improved purity and enhanced water solubility and overall stability. It is protected against generics due to comprehensive intellectual property protection.

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