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Chromatography Volume and Flow Rate Calculator
Your tool for column packing, process development, and scale up calculations

Chromatography Volume and Flow Rate Calculator App

Quickly determine column dimensions and easily convert between flow rates, linear velocity and residence time. Get the recommended compression factor as well as the minimum resin volume required to pack a column easily. This tool also provides you with catalogue numbers and links of our comprehensive chromatography media portfolio at your fingertips.

Features at a glance:
  • Calculates column volumes by selecting either the bed height or the packed volume
  • Calculates the flow rate and linear velocity in all commonly used units
  • Bed diameters and volumes can be input in different units for ease of use depending on the scale of work
  • Provides the recommended compression factor based on the column dimensions specified and resin selected by you
  • Allows the input of a custom number to determine the minimum required volume
  • Displays resin pack size availabilities and corresponding catalogue numbers
Available as a free app for tablets and web version:
Apple App Store Google Play Web Version
Watch Our Vodcast on How to Use the Chromatography Calculator

Click Image to Watch Our Vodcast on How to Use the Chromatography Calculator

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