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Microbial Air Monitoring

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The need for effective active air monitoring is growing as regulations and standards for pharmaceutical products are increasing. After all, the quality of production environments is directly linked to the finished products’ quality. That’s why customers demand highly precise and reliable air sampling solutions. With active microbial air monitoring products from Merck, you can be sure to get the most accurate sample solutions available. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems fully comply with all international standards and regulations – ensuring reproducible and reliable results.

MAS-100® Family

Our MAS-100® family is the most complete and accurate system for reliable and easy microbial air monitoring in cleanrooms and isolators.

MAS-100 Iso MH®
MAS-100 Iso NT®
MAS-100 VF®
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MAS-100 NT Ex®
MAS-100 CG Ex®
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The RCS® Series

Our RCS® series is renowned for safe and reliable environmental monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases. 

RCS® High Flow Touch
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Accessories for Active Air Samplers

MAS-100 Iso MH® Luftkeimsammler

MAS-100 Iso MH
  • Luftstrom: 100 SLPM
  • Probenvolumen: Einstellbar von 1-2000 Liter
  • Aufprallgeschwindigkeit: Etwa. 20 m/s
  • Automatischer Kalibrierzyklus 
  • Ethernet-, USB-, RS232-Anschlüsse, Digitaleingabe/-ausgabe 
  • Automatischer Inline-Desinfektionszyklus
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Need additional support from us? Check out our service offer!

We provide services to give you support with our products: feasibility study, product specific validation, method development, data analysis, training, etc.

Visit the Microbiology Services page to learn more.  
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Environmental Monitoring in Isolators and RABS

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Environmental Monitoring in Isolators and RABS

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MAS-100 Iso MH® Video

MAS-100 Iso MH®

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